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Organize Important Project Information
In A Timeline View.

Save important information online so you can easily get back to it quickly.

Features to improve your workflow

Pick up where you left off.

We save the date, time, and highlighted
text inside every event you save.

Project Managers love Thymeline.

"I never have to hunt down important information about a project. Thymeline makes it easy to get back to the information that matters."

Joan Davis - PM @ Dope Agency

“I downloaded the Chrome Extension and just started saving things that mattered for our project.”

Charlie Willis - PM @ We Build Shit

“Thymeline has helped me keep my team on track by not losing any important project information.”

Tara Welch - PM @ Extra Dope

Never lose track of any important project information. Organization is key.

Highlight text, hit the chrome extension button, and save it.

Created for Project Managers

Simple View

A streamlined timeline view of the most important information about any project.


You can share your Thymeline with your team or your clients. Just use our public link feature.


Never hunt for information about a specific client or project, it's all in your Thymeline.

Safe and protected

Your information is ONLY visible to you. Never worry about anyone seeing what you add to your thymeline.

Built for saving time and reducing fragmentation.

Create individual timelines for each project and never lose any important information.

Easy and Efficient.

Add information from any of your existing tools or apps with a click of a button.

Organization is important.

Any app you're using, just highlight the text you want to save, click the chrome extension in your browser, and you're set.

Seriously it's that easy.

It's worth every dollar.
Free isn't bad either.


For individuals and teams getting started
  • 3 Timelines
  • Unlimited Events
  • Public Sharing

Heavy User

For professionals and product managers
$25per month
  • Unlimited Timelines
  • Unlimited Events
  • Public Sharing


For teams looking to thrive
$100per month
  • Unlimited Timelines
  • Unlimited Events
  • Public Sharing
  • Unlimited Team collaboration

Collaborating with your team is ease

Invite your team, collaborate, and get more done without getting a headache.

Boost productivity and Reduce fragmentation.

It's a bit of magic.