All of the organization, none of the hassle.

Thymeline was designed to make your life easier. It keeps your most important project information at your fingertips, making you look like an organized superhero 🦸 in no time flat.

All from our Chrome Extension.

No credit card required. No integrations required.

How Thymeline Works

No APIs. No integrations. As simple as copy & paste.

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Add Events

Easily document details from any website or app. 

Step 1: Visit any website.

Step 2: Highlight any text.

Step 3: Click on the Thymeline Chrome extension

Step 4: Add to existing Thymelines. That’s it!

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Multiple Projects

Thymeline can handle as many projects as you’re juggling. 

Create as many Thymelines as you need! Multiple projects, multiple Thymelines, we can handle it. Keep track of it all in a simple interface.

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Share with others

Share your Thymelines with others on your team with view or edit privileges, keeping everyone on the same page. 

Want to keep it private? You can do that too.

Why is Thymeline helpful?

Projects are never managed in a single platform. You’re governing details across PM software, email, ticketing systems, and more. Thymeline reduces that fragmentation by keeping all the important details in a single view.

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Power in Simplicity.

Store only what’s important. Thymeline is a chronological reference to the most important aspects of your project. Each event consists of: text, URL, logo, and private notes and tags. 

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Easy accessibility.

Built-in search allows you to find those details you know you saw somewhere but don’t remember where. Search by source, event, or tag.

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Seamless collaboration.

Share Thymelines with others on your team and enjoy synchronized collaboration across your projects. 

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Don’t try to rack your brain trying to remember the details around an event. Simply jot down a private note on each event. Your future self will thank you. 

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Privacy & Security.

What you choose to store in Thymeline is your business, not ours. We don’t see any of your events. The power to share is yours alone.

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Effortless Implementation.

No integrations or APIs required. Simply install our Chrome extension with 1 click and you’re good to go.

Don’t go another day wasting time scrambling for details. 

Dealing with multiple clients and using multiple apps everyday?

Thymeline reduces fragmentation and keeps your projects organized so you don't miss a thing.

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Stay on top of deadlines.

Keep a clean track record of individual campaigns you are running, what's working, what's not working. Also clip some of your favorite resources to your Thymeline for reference.

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Keep track of all the important events for the lifetime of your project.

Keep track of all your wins, big or small - save them as an event so you can look back and see your journey from beginning to success. 🥳

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How many times have you read something and then forgot to save it somewhere you will be able to find it again?

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Keep your entire team synchronized.

Doesn't matter what tools you are currently using, it's hard to see all the relevant info regarding a project in one place. Thymeline fixes that. Save everything. Don't forget anything.

Ideas and use-cases for Thymeline...

These are a few use-cases where we see Thymeline being a huge value add to your existing tools that you use. It's not a replacement, it's an addition.

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Multiple clients and multiple projects, things get hectic.

Quickly find what you are looking and save all of the important dates for each client.

It will make youre life a lot easier.
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Research and notes

You run into articles online that you feel are relevant for some research that you are doing. Maybe it's just a piece of any article? You can highlight the text, click on the Thymeline chrome extension, and save it to the appropriate Thymeline. This will allow you to reference things a lot easier as you go back through your notes.

It's super easy and really helpful.
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Weight Loss tracking and nutrition

Maybe you are on a weight loss journey and you want to keep track of your goals and improvements. You may also want to add some helpful articles and notes that you see online. Thymeline will save everything for you and you can refer back to the original source at anytime.

It's just way more efficient and organized.